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30 Days of OUAT - Day 18: Best Twist on Original

Day 18 - Best Twist On Original

I love the creative "twists" on the classic fairytales, granted some of the "twists" people list are actually closer to the original story than not, but my favorite has been my favorite since my first viewing. The twist on the "Crocodile" of Peter Pan/Captain Hook. As we all know the original has it as an actual crocodile who has swallowed Hook's hand that was clutching a clock. The ticking sound signaled the crocodile's approach - and was a bit of symbolism at how time chases all of us. Captain Hook fears the beast, screaming for Mr. Smee whenever the reptile is near. It adds humor to the story, and shows that Hook does have a weakness for all his tough guy talk.

Once Upon A Time's Crocodile is far more sinister and evil than any previously imagined. The Crocodile is Rumpelstiltskin! Rumple's story of losing his wife due to his cowardliness comes full circle, we find out why he's a single father - it's his own doing. When Rumple comes back from the Ogre war with a self inflicted injury (he bashes his leg causing him to have a severe limp and unable to fight). He does this to be with his wife who he finds out is with child (by the time he returns home she has had their son). Upon meeting the babe, Rumple finds that his wife Milah is disgusted with what he has become.

Milah continues to grow unhappy with her life, and takes to the tavern where she meets a man who is far braver and exciting. He's a pirate, and they hit it off. Rumple comes searching for her with Baelfire in tow. Milah refuses to come with Rumple until Bae makes his way in asking his mother when she's coming home. She leaves with them, but then takes to her bed. She confesses her unhappiness. Later she leaves him for the Pirate (Killian Jones). Rumple goes looking for her, and when he finally catches up with the pirate on the Jolly Roger, he confronts the man. Begging the captain to let his wife go, that they have a son who needs his mother. Jones tells Rumple he's an honorable man, and as such suggests they duel to see who gets Milah.

Rumple, being the coward (not yet the Dark One, that comes later), refuses to fight. Jones then tells Rumple "aman unwilling to fight for what he wants, deserves what he gets." Rumple still is unwilling to pick up a sword, asking Jones what he's to tell his son. Jones coldly tells him "The truth. That his father is a coward." Rumple is thrown off the ship, returns home where he tells a very young Baelfire that his mother is not coming back. (Later in the series Baelfire relays to Hook that his mother was killed by a pirate, which is why [Bae] hates all pirates.)

Sometime later, after Rumple becomes the Dark One and Baelfire is lost to the portal, Rumple finds himself in a tavern when Killian Jones and crew walks in. Rumple watches the pirate, and when Jones leaves for the evening Rumple follows him out to the alleyway. Rumple pretends to be a beggar, bumping into the pirate. Jones mocks him, seeing his scaly skin calling him a crocodile. When Rumple reveals himself Jones recognizes the coward, but is quickly lost of all smugness when Rumpelstiltskin gives him his title of Dark One. Suddenly sober, Jones is asked about Milah - and he feigns ignorance. Rumple knows better, and Jones finally gives in and tells him that she died.

Rumple calls for a duel, saying they never had a chance to finish the last time (kinda hard to finish something you wouldn't start, Dark One). Jones makes ready, but Rumple gives him until the next day. When the two meet up for their duel, Rumple bests the pirate - but before he can kill the man, a voice from the past screams for him to stop. It's Milah, she's alive and kicking. And she has something Rumple wants (a magic bean).

They bring the crocodile to the ship, but things go a little screwy when Rumple and Milah have it out about her leaving not just him but their son. Rumple's own guilt for having let his son go comes pouring out as anger towards her. When she apologizes for leaving Bae, he asks why, and she spits back that she never loved Rumple... a coward. He then rips her heart out, and crushes it. She dies in Jones' arms. Jones, holding the magic bean, calls Rumple a coward and refuses to give the magic bean. Rumple slices off the hand that [he believes] holds the bean. Jones vows to find a way to kill Rumple, and Rumple disappears in the cloud of smoke. Jones finds a rope hook on the deck, and gets the idea to put the hook where he once had a hand.

He takes the name Hook, and reveals he still has the bean. He throws it out into the open water and sails for Neverland. He will spend decades trying to find the way to kill the crocodile.

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