Thursday, May 8, 2014

30 Days of OUAT - Day 14: Favorite Costume

Day 14: Favorite Costume

This seems a little redundant since we just had best dressed and I fangirled on Neal Cassidy's style. So it might come as a surprise that I didn't pick one of his (seriously, I'd just be repeating myself as to which outfit I liked best on him). My honorable mention was Prince Charming - for the most part he's a spiffy dresser (I really hate when he's in his furs, though, it just looks dumb). I do like his every day travel wear that he had for most of season 1 in the EF... but my favorite is definitely the princely dress suit(?) that Rumple gives him in the season 1 finale when he goes to find and rescue his beloved Snow.

We see him in it, of course, in the very first scene of the pilot episode. He makes quite the statement in it. It's the perfect Prince Charming look. You know instantly who he's supposed to be. David is a fan of the cape, and I have to say I am too. It suits him well. (Sorry Edna Mode, capes make the man in the EF.)

And, once again, can I just say that Josh Dallas is the perfect Prince Charming? I cannot for the life of me think of any actor (either on OUAT or elsewhere) that could play this part better. Sure he sometimes takes the lines he says too seriously, but that adds to the charm (see what I did there) of Charming/David Nolan. Plus, he's freaking hot.

Prince Charming gets his Cinderella Moment... Rumple's a fan of true love? Who wouldn't be while looking into Josh Dallas' eyes. (Yeah, I went there, I'm SO superficial I hate myself ha ha.)

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