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30 Days of OUAT - Day 13: Favorite Name

Day 13 - Favorite Name

The Stranger of Season 1, played by Eion Bailey (hot!), has to have the best name on the show. We don't learn it for a while - Emma tries, but he's pretty coy and won't give in. But he finally gives her "August W. Booth". When she laughs about him using W he tells her it's for "Wayne". August Wayne is such a great name (I may or may not have it on my list of future child's names ha ha). There's definitely hidden meaning with why the writers chose to give him his name - from the OUAT Wiki page: "Wayne Booth was a literary critic who coined the term "unreliable narrator". An "unreliable narrator" is a narrator, usually in fiction, whose credibility is severely compromised and therefore cannot be trusted on the validity of their story."

Season 1 August is a very likable guy. We feel for him when he tells the story of why he didn't hold up his end of the deal and protect Emma. Who can blame a kid for wanting to leave a not so great foster situation for a supposedly better life. He couldn't take baby Emma, but he figured she'd be safe within the system. We also find that the self proclaimed writer is really a grown up Pinocchio, who is convinced he's turning back to wood.

Season 1 also finds Emma and August flirting a bit, and I will admit that the only "ship" I've ever truly accepted/supported was "Wooden Swan". Emma and Season 1 August were adorable, and I truly believe that August felt something for the girl he once (twice) promised to look after.

However, it's the Season 2 August that we find out he hasn't been such a good boy and why he is really desperate for Emma to break the curse: he's turning to wood because he did not remain "selfless, brave, and true". In a flashback scene in "Tallahassee" when he runs into Neal Cassidy (who is on his way to sell off the watches he stole and Emma helped recover) he admits that this world has so many temptations and he's not good at saying no, that he isn't built that way. This is where things turn sour for Neal and Emma's relationship because August breaks them apart by revealing to Neal that he knows who he really is (Baelfire) and tells him of Emma's true destiny. August convinces Neal that Emma needs to have her heart broken in order to fulfill her destiny and find her family (home, which is - essentially - what Neal wants for her. Home).

Neal argues but eventually relents and heads for Canada - while August turns Emma into the authorities. When they meet up sometime later in Vancouver, August tells Neal of Emma's fate and Neal flips out saying that Emma is taking the fall for him. August refuses to tell Neal which facility Emma's in, and reminds Neal that the deal was he stay away from her. Neal gives August the keys to the Yellow Bug (which Emma keeps all the way to present) as well as the money he got for the watches (minus what it cost to get a valid VIN number to make the Bug legit). August tells Neal that Emma doesn't need money for what she needs to do, but Neal wants to try and at least make some of what he's done right.

Unfortunately, Neal is trusting the wrong guy (should've gone with your gut, Buddy. August does a crap job as "guardian angel") and August ends up pocketing the cash and goes jetsetting. He mails the keys to the car from Phuket, and Emma gets them the day she finds out she's pregnant. So then folks end up hating both August and Neal for destroying Emma's happiness and all that jazz. I feel for Nealfire. He made a stupid decision based on trusting Pinocchio ("you sent me to prison because PINOCCHIO told you to?!") who is known for his lies (I mean, really, Neal, you saw the movie Mulan... you didn't watch the one about the puppet?!).

So while I LOVE August I also HATE him. Ha ha. But his name is still the best one in all of Once Upon A Time.

Oh, when August was adorable and awesome... stupid back story coming full circle.

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