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30 Days of OUAT - Day 11: Favorite Storybrooke Female

Day 11: Favorite Storybrooke Female

Ashley Boyd, who we find out is Cinderella back in the Enchanted Forest, is one of the most adorable characters on the show. I don't know why we don't see more of Ashley and Sean in the later seasons as their story was interesting and I think they could be important to the show as the story moves on even if they are just "extra" characters and not the major plot. But I digress.

Ashley was brought in to appeal to the back story of Emma and Henry. How Emma was pregnant and gave up a child at a very early age. Ashley is also a "teen in trouble" and has promised her baby to Mr. Gold (Rumpelstiltskin). Why Gold needs a baby really has to do with the fact that Cinderella promised her firstborn to Rumpelstiltskin way back when she was just an abused shut in dreaming of a better life. Rumple kills her fairy godmother in order to manipulate the situation (in classic Rumple fashion of course). Magic always comes with a price, and she agrees. Because she's young and naive.

We first meet her as an extremely pregnant girl who is overwhelmed by the burden of being a single mom who has agreed to give up her baby for adoption. The plan was cooked up by the baby daddy's father who has split the couple up because he has big plans for his son and being a young father is not in that plan. Ashley has a job as a housekeeper at Granny's and we meet her when Emma goes into the laundry room to clean her shirt that she's spilled coffee on. Ashley is there and has managed to ruin a load of laundry, turning the sheets pink. She confides in Emma that she's afraid and that she knows what people are saying. Emma tells her to forget what they're saying and prove them wrong. Emma gives up a little bit of her story (not much, we really won't learn all of what went on with Emma leading up to Henry's birth until Season 2 when we meet Henry's biological father - oh, look what I did there! ha ha!) and it inspires the young mom.

She ends up taking off to keep the baby, after ransacking Gold's shop to try and get the contract away from him. Gold hires Emma to "recover his property" that was stolen, but does not tell Emma what that is. She figures it out and decides that she'll have Ashley's back if she wants to keep the baby because no one should tell the girl what to do in this situation. Ashley wants the baby and Emma ends up owing Gold a favor (which he collects on in Manhattan when he sends her off to chase down his son - NEAL). Emma also goes and tells Sean about Ashley and the baby and how he needs to man up and not let Daddy be the deciding factor (oh the irony. if she only knew the real reason for her taking the fall and being abandoned by her first love, right?). Sean (Prince Thomas in the EF) steps up and comes to his princess and the family is reunited.

Later on after the baby is born and home and Ashley and Sean are together we see Ashley struggling to make it all work, and lament to Ruby, Emma, and Mary Margaret that she gets no time with Sean and that they want to get married but she doesn't see when they'll have the time or if Sean is even thinking that way for real. It's Valentine's Day and they decide to have a girls night. While out Ashley mentions that she thought Love was supposed to be different than what she has (aka she didn't think you had to work for it). Sean surprises her on his break from work and asks her to marry him. He sweeps her off her feet and... we only see her in a split second scene at the beginning of the spin off series "Once Upon A Time In Wonderland". Adam & Eddie, Cindy and Thomas aren't dead... bring them back! Let's see what they're up to now!

As to why Emma wasn't considered, I have 2 reasons. First I don't count her as a "storybrooke character" she transcends the EF and SB curses. She has never been cursed as she escaped it as a newborn. For this same reason I won't count Neal Cassidy as a Storybrooke character (he'd win with no problem ha ha). The second reason is, and I don't think this should shock anyone, is I'm not a big fan of Emma. I liked her in Season 1, but she's becoming incredibly frustrating in later seasons. The only time she's any good is when she's bantering with either Hook or Neal. I don't know if that's just how JMo works, or if it's the writing, or what it is. But something about her bugs me. I want to like her, and I love her storyline... it's just... unexplainable. Ha ha!

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