Thursday, May 22, 2014

30 Days of OUAT - Day 23: Cutest Character

Day 23 - Cutest Character

I screwed up, this was supposed to be yesterday's prompt. I apparently flipped them. Oh wells, it works out in the end.

Cutest probably meant for the "hottest/most attractive" but I'm not going to go there with this one. I'm going for actual cuteness, and that has to go to Robin Hood's adorable son Roland. We met the boy early in Season 3 - he helps Neal get from the Enchanted Forest to Neverland by calling in Pan's shadow. He became more and more adorable in the latter half of the season when we got to see him almost each week. He not only won the heart of Regina (who was on her way to becoming his stepmother - because THAT family tree wasn't convoluted enough - until the season finale), he's won the heart of every Oncer! His fandom is called "Team Dimples" and seriously, LOOK at those DIMPLES!

I'm really excited to see how they use Roland in Season 4. His mother is back (brought back to life by Emma, gee... we can save EVERYone from "dead is dead" but ONE? Come on! It better be found out that it was MRJ who wanted to be released or I'm never going to get over it - of course he said outright that that claim was false so... ugh!) so for at least a little while next season is going to be awkward for all parties involved. Way to go, Swan. Way to mess everything up! (Hook and Emma should NOT be let loose in the past EVER again.)

I may not agree with Neal's methods on summoning up the shadow, but I'm glad he did - because Roland is just stinkin' cute!

To play the game a little more the way I think the creator of the meme was thinking I'll cheat and list my favorite attractive male characters... with their "superlative" title in the caption... because I'm a dork.

Hottest - Captain Hook
Prince Charming - Prince Charming
Brooding - Jefferson (Mad Hatter)
Hottest guy who's gonna die.
Nuf Said - August Booth (seriously it's a good thing
he's cute or I'd hate him.)
AND just because I can I'll add a "most adorable" category... and that goes to the man who has the BEST puppy dog face EVER (yes that is a compliment). Dark brown eyes lookin' all sad, and the best worried expression ever... he's pretty cute when he's not playing tragic. His personality and energy is what's most attractive about him (actor/character, not sure which one I'm crushing on really right now...)

Seriously of all the guys in the show, I want an MRJ hug
most. I'm a dork, I know... but he's just so adorable.
And now that I've been creepy and superficial... I'm gonna go watch Big Bang Theory to feel better about myself...

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