Friday, April 18, 2014

30 Days of OUAT - Day 3: Favorite Fairytale Male Character

 Day 3 - Favorite Fairytale Male Character

This was hard because I love so many of the male characters in this series. Each have a tragic tale that I easily buy into. And most of them are Dads, and being a Daddy's Girl, that's the easiest way to get me to connect to the character. Plus most of them are fairly attractive. Makes it easy to get obsessed with a lot of them.

But none really grabs my attention like Charming. It's partially Josh Dallas's good looks and deep voice, but mainly it's the story. From his finding out he has a twin brother, to his psychotic "adoptive father", to his courting of Snow White... and of course his giving up his child to give her "her best chance." The scene where he puts his daughter in the wardrobe before he "dies" in the pilot has always been one of my favorite scenes. It's so tragic and yet hopeful.

Charming is the ultimate "good guy". He is always on the path of right/justice. It's what gets him into trouble with his "father" King George, and ultimately what wins Snow White's heart. He's just an all around good guy that you don't mind bringing home to meet the parents. I prefer Charming to David in Storybrooke by miles! Not that I don't think David's flaws make him more realistic, I just think Charming does a whole lot better and is more comfortable in the Enchanted Forest.

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