Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Disneyland in 250 Days

Dealing with a countdown to DisneyLAND can be so frustrating. There isn't as much planning to do for a SoCal adventure compared to when one goes to Disney World. Reservations for hotel have been made, we're staying at the Peacock Suites (you may recognize that hotel as the one I've stayed at when going to DLR with Haille Rae and family) and I wanted to make sure that we could get one of the two bedroom suites. If there's one thing that bugs me about Peacock is the round about way they do their responses to any emails you might send them asking for information. They are partnered with Shell Vacations and so their emails all go to an office elsewhere. So they give very generic answers, or tell you to call the hotel directly. One of the reasons I email questions is so I don't have to call.

But it's a minor complaint, and I'm very excited to be staying there again.

Now it's just a wait to book the rest. Airfare this spring. Special meal reservations to be booked in June or July (along with the photopass+). Not a lot of planning involved. We'll have 5 days in Disneyland, 1 at the beach and hollywood, 1 for universal studios, and 1 for the San Diego Zoo.

So until then I just gotta keep myself busy. Which shouldn't be a problem with the Olympics in something like three weeks? and then the Iditarod in March.

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