Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Well, so much for December posts! I just got so busy and I swear we skipped a week in there somewhere. Christmas came so fast and now it and New Year's is gone. What happened?!

After my last posts I fought the second wave of that stupid cold that has been hanging around. So far it hasn't been back, but man it seems everyone got sick in the last month. It's been nasty. When I wasn't sick I was busy with work. Tours were lining up and we were looking to be very busy. Danny is back for a while so we were able to open up huge blocks of time - double the work for everyone. Problem was we didn't have much snow, and Seward had none. We had to cancel the first weekend of tours. It was disappointing.

The week leading up to Christmas was busy with parties and gift wrapping and cookie baking and work. The Sunday before was the "office" Christmas Party at the Seavey's. My first, and it was fun. I got to chat with Janine and heckle the others as they play ping pong (I can heckle, but I can't play lol). Mitch and Janine gave me a really nice gift and I was touched that they did something like that for each of us. I really do love my job, mainly because of the people I work for.

Christmas Eve we went to First Baptist Kenai for the Candlelight service. Mom and Dad's church did their Christmas service Sunday night, so it was nice to have them in the old Church again. After the service we finished the baking and putting gifts out and then it was bedtime. Christmas morning we got up, played with teh dogs and then broke into Luke Chapter 2 before opening gifts. The dogs got theirs first so they wouldn't be all up in the tree trying to find theirs.

Gifts for everyone this year were awesome - considering we were all saying that it was going to be a "lean" Christmas gift wise I guess we all decided to get stuff the other person actually asked for. Ha ha! I ended up with a professional grade flash for my new camera, dad got his sound system for the boat, mom got a laptop, and Duane got stuff that he'll be able to use until (and after) bootcamp. It was a relaxing day for the four of us - dad and duane plowed the driveway, and we all got a turn playing our new wii games we got in our stockings, and it was an excellent prime rib.

Since then I've had a photoshoot, and lots of work, so I haven't had a lot of time for myself. Today was the first day I just vegged (once I got the go ahead to take part of the day off becuase the phone and email were both dead!).

I took a break from doing the Disney dinners over the holidays, but tomorrow we start again - so hopefully I can get that post out in a timely fashion.

Happy New Year! Let's make 2013 the best year yet!

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