Thursday, July 26, 2012

Disneyland 2012: So much work to do!

One of two autograph books I've created.
I've been pretty in active on here as I'm preparing to head down to Disneyland (just 8 days to go!) with a project that I should have started months ago, but is still going quickly along. I've also done a photoshoot and am editing photos, and it's all just coming down to the wire! This is what I get for breaking up my California vacation into two trips down and back. Yikes!

The Disneyland Project that I chose to place upon myself is making autograph books for both girls to take with them into the parks. Disney provides (for a nice little sum) autograph books, but I wanted to do something different/unique for the girls. So a trip to Michaels and JoAnns in Anchorage was in order. I ended up with books larger than what I had originally planned, but I think it works out better this way.

Pages were created in the computer, with scrapbook papers,
and the most awesome Cricut Machine!
The books are purple (for Haille Rae - shown above) and blue (for Hailee Elizabeth - not shown) both girls picked Belle as their favorite princess. The layouts will be the same, but the covers are just a tad different, so that both girls have a unique book. Inside the pages were printed from designs I came up with on the computer. I also have to come up with the "cover page" for each girl, and a few other little suprises.

The books are big enough that they can get an autograph and still have a picture of them with the character (should they want to) in the book. I'm still working on page designs, it's hard to know just who we're likely to see other than the fab 5, and I'm going to come up with a generic page for characters I didn't think of/plan to see.

Once the project is complete (hopefully by Sunday!) I will share the books, and I may even share the gallery of pages for others to do the same. I used my cricut and Disney cartridges to design the cover and some of the pages. I'm not done, but it's getting there.

We're getting really close to the trip and I'm really starting to get excited. I can't wait to see the girls at Disney (and Universal and Sea World, though those parks do not have magic) and see their reactions. Haille Rae may be a "veteran" but there's so much she didn't do and see the last time that there's still so much NEW stuff... and she'll have a little buddy to show the ropes to. Haille Rae is still adament that she is not going on "the ride with the snake" this time (Indiana Jones) but she is very sure she will go on "the roller coaster that goes upside down" (California Screamin'). We've told her the only way she gets to go on the BIG coaster is if she handles all the other Disney Coasters without being scared. So we'll see.

I should get back to the project. I don't have time to play around!

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