Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Pinterest Find: Lasagna Soup

Pinterest is the latest greatest social media craze.
Who knows if Pinterest is here to stay, even I was sceptical, but with everyone talking about it and friends sharing their finds on facebook I bit the bullet and joined. It's a dreamer's paradise. Everything you could possibly want at your fingertips. Boards for travel, reading, movies, life, children, clothing... and, yes, food.
For a picky eater like me, most recipes are intimidating because they are typically food stuffs I don't like. However, we do eat with our eyes and pinning a picture that looks amazing before you know what's in it? Makes it hard to pass up.

There have been some misses - smoothies just aren't for me it seems - but lately we've found some great finds. There was the nacho cheese (fake cheese!) during football season, and the glueten free chocolate cookies...

Photo from Deen Bros.
And last night we tried the Lasagna Soup that's floating around the Pinterest Boards. It was AMAZING. As a big lasagna lover I was not disappointed. It's basically just a deconstructed lasagna, but it is oh so good -and it's faster than baking one! The recipe used is Bobby Deen's version of his mother's Lasagna Soup. It's deemed "lighter", but it tastes pretty filling to me.

In the soup you have everything that makes a great lasagna, the only thing I would change is the portion of red pepper - I'd use about half of what the recipe calls for. I would also make a double batch, three people cleaned out a full pot of the stuff with just a little left for one of our lunches. I've never been so sad to see no leftovers in my life!

The depth of flavor is what, I think, makes one want more. At first taste you think it's your basic tomato sauce, and then the other flavors kick in. It's almost a religious experience. It really is like eating a lasagna, but it's not as heavy. Even though it was a hot day it was well worth it to have soup!

You MUST try it, you will NOT be disappointed! - http://thedeenbros.com/index.php/recipes/recipe_detail/bobbys_lighter_tastes_like_lasagna_soup/

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