Saturday, June 16, 2012

Disneyland 2012: Photographic Countdown!

As I suggested that I might do, I'm going to keep the magic going while I countdown to Disneyland with photographs. I'm not sure I will keep up with it everyday, but I'm going to try. These are some of my favorite photos I've taken over the last couple of Disneyland trips. Some will people of people, some of characters, some the amazing attention to detail Disney has.

I think one of the big reasons I love going back again and again to the Disney parks is the photographic experience. The rides are fun, and who doesn't love getting a hug from their favorite Disney Character?, but as a photographer it's paradise! It's so clean, and the archetecture as well as lighting and detail is incredible. I can spend a full day in the park and not do any rides and have a blast. I've actually done that at Disneyland, just toured the parks and not do any rides (shows, yes, rides no).

This picture I share today is of Haille's first morning at Disney. We didn't stay on Disney property, we stayed at a Good Neighbor hotel. For Disneyland that means the hotels around the parks that aren't Disney owned but are partnered with. Gaylord's timeshare/vacationclub is partnered with this hotel so he and Judy got a killer rate (we're staying there this time as well). The Peacock Inn & Suites is so comfortable. We got a three bedroom suite last time, hoping for that again.

Haille knew better than to come into my room and wake me (I'm not a morning person), but I think I was just as excited as she was. I felt eyes staring at me, I peeked threw one eye and there she was quietly looking at me. She noticed my eye open and whispered "DISNEY!". She'd been waiting for four years for this day - I had, too, not going to lie - and it was here. Problem was the park didn't open for another three hours. So she crawled into bed with me and we watched Mickey Mouse clubhouse till it was time for her to jump in the tub.

I absolutely LOVE this pic, she was still sleepy, but there was nothing going to keep her from being awake. I can't wait to see this face in August! 49 days to go!

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