Friday, June 15, 2012

Disneyland 2012: Final ADR made!

Haille will reunite with her favorite chipmunk
at the Storyteller's Cafe on August 9 for breakfast.
I've dropped the ball on blogging again, however this week has been massive photo editing, and there seems to be no end in sight for the next two weeks! I'm not complaining, though, because it keeps me busy and makes me feel successful! Sunday's Triathlon was so much fun, but I was wiped out after an all day shoot. So wiped out, in fact, that I forgot to call Disney to book our finald dining reservation!!!! How does that even happen to me?! It's unheard of! Forgetting Disney?! No way!

...But, I did. So first thing Monday morning I woke my sunburnt self up and called down to Disney. I did not get Deanna a third time, but Heather was more than able to take care of me. But, as I've stressed so often on my blog, being a day late to the ADR can make getting the time you want difficult. I ran into that problem Monday. We wanted a 10am breakfast, but for our number of people there wasn't room - DANG IT! So I settled for 10:30 (the other time available was way too early to get seven people up, ready, and out the door).

This got me thinking that should we want anymore table service - on a whim - that we may not get it. The best thing to do is go to City Hall and see what food places still have openings (first thing in the morning) and have them book it for us. Still not as spontaneous as some like, but I'd like to know I'm going to eat.

Anyway, we'll be eating at the Storyteller's Cafe Character Breakfast on August 9th. We've never been, but it gets great reviews on all the Disney sites I follow, and it's hosted by Chip and Dale - you can't beat that! It's located inside the Grand Californian Resort - which has it's own entrance into Disney's California Adventure park. I've wanted to visit this resort for a long time, and I finally have an excuse to go! I think I'm more excited for the hotel than I am for the meal!

This will be our final BIG meal that we've planned out. We may still try for a World of Color dining package, but as far as ADR's go, I'm finished with that duty until July.

Now it'll be a long wait till Disney. We have 50 days to go, and I feel the days will somewhat drag on. Thankfully my trip to Northern California next month will break up the wait a bit (it's kinda like the mid way point from here to Disney in countdown. This is when the WoC package will be decided. I may still try for maybe myself and Haille to do it, because I don't want to fight back the crowds and it's one of the things Haille missed last time.

I think to help with the countdown from Now till Then I will do a photo a day blog of pictures I've taken at Disneyland. What do you think?

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