Saturday, June 23, 2012

Disneyland 2012: Disney Mail!

Disney's Photopass is now better than ever!
Nothing makes one feel like their trip is really happening like Disney Mail. For WDW goers, this is normally a few packets with their package information followed by - a few months later - their Magical Express luggage tags and other fun goodies. With Disneyland, since we're not staying on Disney property, everything is pretty much online, and in our email box. No reason to anxiously wait - or be surprised by -  the arrival of mail in the mailbox from The Mouse.

However, earlier this week that's exactly what I got! Disney Mail! If you follow me on instagram (tonichelle), twitter (tonichelleak) or facebook then you already saw my celebration, but this deserves more than one celebration.

Last weekend I pre-ordered Disney's Photopass+, a new package by the photographers of Disney. You may remember my explanation of Photopass in the Character Interactions Tip post last September. That was with the basic photopass, but Disney has charged it up. Walt himself always wanted to plus everything he did, so I love that it's simply called Photopass+.

Disney finally listened to the park goers and is now including attraction photos (splash mountain's drop for example) as well as certain character meals. This goes hand in hand with the basic package that's always been with the company. The PLUS feature also includes a disk of stock images of the parks and characters.

Pre-ordering gives you a discount (it's pricey) and I know it's going to be so worth it. Better still, you can return it if you don't get enough photos to justify it! Great stuff!

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