Thursday, June 7, 2012

Disneyland 2012: Bring on the Fairy Godmother!

What could be better than Disney Magic?
No, I didn't get up early just to call down to Disney. I got a "wake up call" from my dog who wanted outside. After our morning ritual of me threatening starvation if she didn't go potty outside before being fed, I did - however - get on the phone and call down to Disneyland to book the next special something for our August trip.

Today was the reservation for Haille Rae and Haile Elizabeth to get made up as princesses at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. We are booked for 2pm on Monday the 6th of August, with the Crown package. After listening to the hold music for several minutes I was surprised to hear a familiar voice! Deanna from yesterday's reservation took my reservation request again today! I don't even know what the odds are that that could happen but it did!

While booking for the BBB, they ask for the first name(s) of the princess(es). We had a little bit of a laugh because not only do we have two girls with the same name, it's almost the same spelling. This will go on all of their extras that they get from their Fairy Godmother In Training, and that also gives the Fairy Godmother a heads up on their name.

It's a pretty cool experience. Haille Rae got to do it for her birthday, so this will be routine for her. Haile Elizabeth will also enjoy getting dolled up - she's a little doll anyway!

It was another quick and easy reservation and another checkmark off the list. I'm still debating if I'm going to call tomorrow and make a reservation for myself for breakfast at the Carnation Cafe or if I'll wait and decide to do that on the fly or what not. It's just not Disney, though, until I get that Mickey Waffle!

The next for sure reservation can't be made until Sunday - when I will be shooting the Tri-the-Kenai Triahtlon - and that's a breakfast at Storyteller's Cafe, another character meal.

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