Friday, June 8, 2012

Disneyland 2012: Another day, another ADR made

My very excitable breakfast buddy - Christmas 2010.
After saying today was a day off from getting in touch with Disneyland, I couldn't help myself and booked a breakfast at Disney's Carnation Cafe. It's a tradtion of mine to have breakfast here at least once in my Disneyland visit. I always get the same thing, a Mickey Waffle, Sausage, and an apple juice. I booked for just me and Haille Rae for 10am on Tuesday August 7. This will give me a bit of one on one time with her and then we'll meet up with the rest of the family later on. I think it will be nice to give everyone a break.

As stated previously, Haille Rae is probably one of my favorite kids to be with. She's too funny, even if she does think I'm a moron, I think she enjoys hanging with me. She asked me if I would come with her to Disney for her trip this year, and I couldn't say no. I want to keep the Disney magic alive for her as long as possible. She's a girly-girl, and a daredevil, so she enjoys both worlds at Disney. She's trying to talk me into going on California Screamin', but that ain't happenin'.

The Carnation Cafe is beloved by many Disney regulars. It's found on Main Street USA, and generally has no problems with walk ups, but it never hurts to have a reservation. It's been closed for months as part of the refurbishments going on in the Disneyland Park. It is set to reopen on June 13 (after originally being set to open on the first).

Oscar is a mainstay at Carnation Cafe, and retires this year.
It's also "home" to the longest working Cast Member - Oscar - who is a mainstay and one of the few non Disney characters who gives autographs and poses for pictures. The man is a Doll. It's been said he's retiring sometime this year - if not already retired. I met and chatted with Oscar when I was there in 2011. While he never *knew* Walt Disney he did begin working at Disneyland very early on and saw Uncle Walt walking in his park. Oscar's been a Cast Member for over 50 years. That's impressive.

I decided to do this around 7:30pm tonight, so instead of calling down I emailed Disneyland. It's a new system they're using and I've heard only good things. I sent off my information request and got an automated response that the hours were until 9pm Pacific. Knowing that I am an hour behind and that others were also emailing, I figured I wouldn't be getting a response until Saturday. However, I was surprised a half hour after closing with a confirmation code for my request! Score!

Tomorrow I don't expect to make any reservations, however I may send an email late tomorrow night requesting a booking that can't be made till Sunday. I will be attending - shooting rather - the Tri-the-Kenai Triathlon and that will be an all day thing. I'm not sure if I will be up for a Disney call afterwards, so email might be best. We'll see. As much as I enjoy the simplicity of the email, I still enjoy calling down and booking that way!
I guess it's just not Disney without the hold music.

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