Sunday, May 20, 2012

Summer's here...

The summer tourist Season openned last week, and I'm just now starting to blog about it. I headed over to Seward in the way too early morning hours on Monday to train the ladies who would be running the gift shop and cabins at Ididaride & Abode Well. Basically all they needed to learn was the new reservations system. Like the Wildride crew, the folks at Ididaride are down to earth and just so much fun. I spent three days over there - driving back and forth - and I miss them! Ha ha!

Monday was crazy, I don't remember ever being that busy at Wildride, though I'm sure we had our moments. It was the first Cruise Ship of the summer, and we were hoppin'! It was a lot of fun. The guests were amazing, and I think eveyone went away VERY happy. I didn't do much training as I was taking pictures and other extra things. We all helped each other out and even with a few hiccups it was a very good day.

Tuesday was dead by comparison, but we got a lot of training done. Wednesday we finished up a lot of the training and Danny told me to take the rest of the week off. So I'm back in Kenai until who knows when and I'm working on a few projects for Janine.

Other than that not much is going on. We have about 16 days till I can call down and start making reservations for our Disney trip, and I am chomping at the bit! We still haven't nailed down the plans, but I know that we'll work it out... eventually.

Just figured I needed to do an update. I'm hoping the sun comes back - it was gorgeous all week last week - because I want to get out and walk the beach some more. Yuka's really enjoying that adventure.

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