Monday, May 28, 2012

New Beginning

With my best friend's recent engagement, I have been on a "get in shape" kick. I am severely overweight. It's been a struggle, I am a very quiet and unactive person. I prefer curling up with the laptop, my scrapping, or a good book than going out and doing things. I never realized, though, just how out of shape I was until I started trying to work out. 20 minutes and you'd think I'd just run a marathon the way my body reacts.

Erin gets married in 11 months and I want to look semi decent in the bridesmaids dress. So I'm trying to eat less and exercise. I'm working out on the wii and taking walks with Yuka on the beach. I don't see much improvement, I just notice I'm hungry all the freaking time because I am focussing on it more.

Yuka is loving it, though. She loves going off leash and is so well behaved when she's got the beach to herself. The only time I ever even worry is when she goes after the sea gulls and the eagles. She hates birds, but thankfully she comes when called and typically knows when I'm serious about her staying close to me. I did have to chase after her the other day as she took off after an eagle, but she's getting better at ignoring the birds...

I really hope this summer will be a good one and that we will be able to make this goal a reality for me!

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