Sunday, April 1, 2012

Happy April!

Yes I know my theme is still sled dogs and snow and Iditarod. I love it too much to let it go just yet! Besides, I'm working for mushers again, so I'm still in that mindset... I guess? ha ha!

There's not much to report. Work is starting to make sense so I'm pretty happy. It's only going to get busier. Then I have two trips that I have flights paid for, but now I have to start thinking trip planning. Disneyland especially. Going with family, again, but I need to get them to nail down a few things so I can maybe work around meeting up with friends at somepoint. I have some online friends who want me to show off my photography skills while I'm down there and I am excited about that idea!

We do have bad news to report, though. Mom's dog Bo has compressed disks in his spine. For the next two weeks he's going to be doped up big time as we try to get the muscles to relax. Poor guy is really out of it. We're just thankful he isn't sick, but he won't get to rough house or go up and down stairs anymore. He's so frustrated right now because he wants to do things but he can't. Even if he was allowed to move around the drugs keep him so relaxed that he can't move LOL

So, in between work and scrapbooking I also need to start planning. Boy, oh, boy, hopefully I can blog about it all...

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