Wednesday, February 22, 2012

We interrupt this program to bring you real life...

The last few days have been a road map of mixed emotions. Sunday I was contacted by a friend and former employer of a job opportunity he wanted to fit me into. I loved working for this family a few years ago, and have tried to keep in contact, but it was still a daunting offer. It would require me to be in another part of the state for part of the year, and willing to travel. It's involved with the sled dog and mushing community, and I was a "perfect choice" because he considers me a "fanatic. (Okay, I am, but still!)
After having a brief chat through emails, we decided to meet up today (Wednesday) while he was in town to really nail down some of what the job would be and why I was the choice. But from Sunday to now I was panicing. I wanted to give the right answer not only for them but for myself, but I am such an overplanner and overthinker that I was focussing on the unknowns.

It's a job I already do, basically, for free. It's blogging, tweeting and facebooking. I'll also be photographing and taking reservations in the summer (ok and winter too!). So this is not a stretch of the imagination for me to do this job well. It all really settled down to, do I want to have two addresses each summer. And that answer was really know.

However, the meeting today went really well. All of my concerns were addressed, and let's just say I really am not as persuasive but I can definitely be persuaded. We discussed a possible two weeks on two weeks off schedule for the summer, giving me a little more freedom from what I originally thought it would have. Ultimately, it's looking more like two small business partnering together - though I would answer to them as far as their job goes. It's been a long while since I've worked online for an athlete, and this is a whole family of mushers!

There's more to the job than just that, but that's the bulk of it. A lot of working from home most of the year which is FANTASTIC! God really openned a huge door with this one, and I am feeling extremely guilty for not just TRUSTING HIM! (you'd think I'd learn after all these years, but, nope!)

I've sent the email off saying I'll take it. Now it's just to see how it all comes together! I have butterflies of happiness in my tummy tonight! WHEW!

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