Monday, January 9, 2012

Why I don't follow other's Disney trips...

I might comment on a few statuses/tweets/photos here and there, but why don't I follow the trip reports on blogs or message boards? Simply, because it hurts too much. I know this makes little sense to most - even other disney fanatics - who like to live vicariously through others or just can't get why one would even care to go to Disney once, much less over and over.

I can't explain it. Perhaps it's a jealousy thing - because honestly I'm excited for my friends and family when they go (except maybe those with those annual passes, cuz they tell me about their trip just to be mean! LOL) - I can appreciate the joy others have, but I guess I want it to.

Growing up family vacations were camping trip, hiking trips, and every few years we would go to visit my mom's family in California. When I was five, on a trip to visit the family, my grandmother decided my parents needed to take me to Disneyland, so off we went. Like most children I was immediately in love. I don't remember why, I just remember loving it.

That would be the only family "vacation" we ever took. And, apparently, it was not my dad's favorite idea when he thought of vacations. Due to fincances it just wasn't feesible, and all he remembered was the negative stuff. The fact that my mother terrified me from sharing in the thrill rides with my dad, the melt downs I must have had, etc. It was a lot of money for a lot of headache.

I wouldn't go again until 2001 on a band trip, and ironically it was Dad -again- who went. This time it was to Disney World in Florida and there wasn't a whole lot either of us could say about it that was positive. For all her talk of being a former Floridian, my band teacher is a total n00b when it comes to Disney. And she didn't research it before hand. We had 12 hours in EPCOT and didn't know a thing about what we were doing. I came away hating Walt's Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow...

When I graduated high school - or rather when I tested out of homeschool - my aunt Judy gave me an amazing gift: A Walt Disney World vacation. We went in November. And I learned how to do Disney. Or, at least, I began to learn. I even learned to like EPCOT. Two years later it was my parents' turn to rediscover the magic of Disney - and even DAD is wanting to go back (2013 here we come!)

I've been twice with my best friend, both times taking the reigns in the planning. And I've discovered more of the parks each time. And I fell in love with EPCOT and the resorts and just about everything about Disney travel. (Disney Magical Express, best thing ever.)

I go to the parks and I just change. I am not only happy but I feel at home. I live in a world of fantasy in my daydreams, and while in the parks it's kinda like living in my daydreams. I fit in there, because I'm not the only one in the world that *gets* Disney.

So I guess it's just that a reminder that I'm not in my happy place is not what I need right now. It's not that I'm not happy for you, and hey some of you I've even helped plan your trip, it's just that for me it makes me sad to know I didn't go too. I'll comment on them eventually, just probably not as enthusiastically as I do when you're only planning your trip ha ha!

So congratulations and welcome to the club of Disney Park goers! May you get just as hooked as I am! And know that I'm celebrating with you, with my eyes closed (hee hee)!

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