Sunday, January 8, 2012

Time adjustments cost Mackey a win.

The Knik 200 came down to splitting hairs when deciding the winner, and the deciding factor was not at the finish line. Lance Mackey's team came through the chute first with Jake Berkowitz so close behind. Officials then went to check on times for each musher. With the snow storm hitting its fiercest point along the region, communications were down, meaning the official decision was delayed in announcement.

People on the ground tweeted that Mackey'd won, but were unaware that Mackey was premature in leaving after his six hour layover in the Skwentna checkpoint. Because of his leaving three minutes early, Berkowitz was awarded first place with Mackey taking second once the times were determined. Ray Reddington Jr. was third.

Teams are still out on the trail. Follow the race via twitter @Knik200 or their website.

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