Monday, January 30, 2012

Congratulations Cim Smyth

Cim won the Tustumena 200 Sunday evening coming in just minutes ahead of Jeff King. The two teams were neck and neck the entire way. It made it exciting for those of us on the trail as well as I'm sure those watching at home via the trackers.

There are three mushers still out on the trail and getting closer to the finish line. It ain't over yet, but I came home after Jodi Bailey made it in due to the fact that my dad needed to get home and get to bed. Which is where I should be, instead of editing photos. I need a new strategy for this sort of job for next year. I'm learning.

So I leave you with a pic of the winner coming into the finish line. Instead of getting them as they crossed - because I knew others with T200 would be there - I decided to shoot them coming up to the finish on a lake they had to cross. Made for some great wilderness shots. There are some good spots that I want to try to get to next year, if I'm not FREEZING like I was this year. As I said it's a learning experience this year!

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