Monday, April 4, 2011

Official Street Team Member for What's In The Bible

You might notice on the upper left hand side of my blog I have a banner saying I'm an official street team member for What's In The Bible. It's a new ministry venture that Veggie Tales creator Phil Vischer started a year or so ago. It's a Sesame Street method on the Bible, but it doesn't talk down to kids. In fact, adults can learn a thing or two from the series as well. It's in its infancy and so far only 4 of the scheduled 13 DVDs are even available. I found out about it through the grapevine and Phil's personal website. Being a huge fan of Veggie Tales and its creator, I was very excited to see what he was coming up with.

I was not disappointed. I had won a set for Haille and myself on their facebook page, and I am so very happy I found this series. It's adorable, fun, educational, and Biblical. It's a little less funky Veggie version of stories and more of the meat. Basically What's in the Bible is about discovering the meaning of the Bible - the way Phil goes about it is keeping the viewer in suspense of God's exit plan. How God is going to basically save the world. We're going in order of the books of the Bible, so whenever the Jesus factor should be brought in Phil mentions him but says we'll get more into that later on... I can't wait for that to happen!

The fifth DVD is set to come out soon, and with the Sunday school/home school curriculum finally catching up with the videos, they've decided it's time to really get the word out. Apparently even partnering with Focus on the Family they still felt that word of mouth was better than anything else. So I'm pleased to become part of the Street Team family. I am completely behind this project and hope you will at the very least check it out. Friends in the area if you're interested in seeing the first four DVDs email me and I will gladly let you borrow my copies.


  1. Can I sign up to be a street team meber too? Is it on their website?

  2. there was a link a while back on their website for an application to be added to the street team. this is the group that's running it - not sure if they are still taking applications, though!