Monday, March 21, 2011

30 Days of Disney: Day Twenty-Two

Day 22: Underappreciated Film

I guess I'd say Brother Bear. It's about Inupiat legend - I'm sure incredibly Disney-fied - and it does a great job bridging the many different groups. It has a bit of Alaska (what with the bear river, and of course Sitka, Denali and Kenai), you've got the Canadian moose (not really sure what that's about, eh?), and I'm sure those that are "across the pond" are also well represented.

The animation is pretty spot on, too, for a computer 2d adventure. I love the storyline too. It's so sweet. Yes there's a lot of Native Spiritualism, but even with that I recommend it to families (Christian families can use it as a teach/talking tool afterwards, IMO. To identify where the culture/spiritual beliefs differ from ours).

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