Tuesday, March 1, 2011

30 Days of Disney: Day Seventeen

Day 17: Least Favorite Classic.

I'm not a fan of the Little Mermaid, I love teh music and Prince Eric is a decent prince, but over all I just can't get into teh storyline and find the animation to be.... well... not up to par with the princess movies then or since (though Aladdin has it's moments of shoddy animation as well. Stupid computers).

Mainly, though, I don't like the Princess Ariel. She's a spoiled brat who is defiant in a very wrong way. It's not like her father is some evil stepfather who locks her away, and his concern is very much real. But what do I know. I'm a Daddy's Girl who can't stand disappointing her best friend.

But, as I said, I LOVE the music. Under The Sea, Kiss the Girl, Le Poisons... so much fun!

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