Wednesday, March 2, 2011

30 Days of Disney: Day Eighteen

Day 18: Favorite Pixar Film
Oooo, this is tough. it's easier for me to pick my least favorite. I'd have to go with... well... maybe... I don't know... ummmmmm... Toy Story 2. It's an amazing sequel, and the only reason I don't choose #3, which is the most brilliant of the trilogy, is because it made me cry and I hate that. I don't like the ending because it's so real to life. It's just wrong. I like to escape in a Pixar or Disney film, not be reminded I'm an adult and I have to let go. It is almost an Anti-Disney film! haha!

Toy Story was very much a part of my childhood. I remember watching the first one and loving it, and by the time the second came out I was bursting to see it. Granted they both came out during the Baptist Boycott against Disney, so I didn't see either in theatres, but I did see them when friends would bring them over (hey none of our money went to the Mouse at that time, so it counts.)

Thankfully that boycott is done and over with, and I happily own the entire Pixar collection (and I'm slowly but surely making up for lost time Disney Animation wise).

So for today, Toy Story 2 is my favorite. Tomorrow it will probably be Cars or Up or Finding Nemo... or Monsters Inc... or Wall-E... oy.

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