Tuesday, February 15, 2011

30 Days of Disney: Day Three

Day 3: Favorite Heroine

When Pirates of the Caribbean opened in 2003, I was not expecting much. I mean, this was the company that was running their franchise into the ground with stupid half hearted films for the last near decade. The only saving grace Disney had at that point was Pixar, and they were on the verge of losing that company, until they held the Toy Story characters hostage.

Then Jerry Bruckheimer signed up to produce a film based on one of Walt Disney's park rides... Pirates. Who doesn't love pirates? Who'd he hire? Hollywood... "weird" Johnny Depp... Who's career was anything but big money maker. He was an odd duck type actor, in the same sort of vein as Tim Burton, how on earth was he ever going to be able to play a straight on Disney character?

Well, he didn't.

But that's not what the prompt was about. But I think you can figure out where I'm going with this. Elizabeth Swann is probably my favorite female Disney character we have to date (topping even Mary Poppins. I know, blasphemy!). I especially like her in the first film. The film itself was a welcome surprise, but each character brought something to the table. Elizabeth was someone I think every girl could relate to. She was part princess (or, well, governor's daughter) and part pirate. She could doll up for any occassion and yet share a drink and a laugh with the guys. I totally identified with her not wanting to just fit into the social norms of the day and marry the first guy who came calling - no matter what life he could afford her.

So here's to the Pirate Princess of the Caribbean, may she always keep Will's heart (if not I know a lot of girls willing to take over for her).

Drink up, me hearties! Yo ho!


  1. She's great but I'm not sure about putting her over Mary Poppins... She's always my favourite.

  2. PS: I'd also say Lucy from Narnia, but I don't know if that counts as Disney only sponsered the movies and withdrew after the 2nd one haha.