Wednesday, February 16, 2011

30 Days of Disney: Day Four

Day 4: Favorite Prince

Oh, dear. This is where it goes bad. I LOVE the Disney princes. What girl didn't crush on at least one of them in her childhood. I was and am no different. In fact, I still crush hard on the princes. Especially when I am lucky enough to meet them in the parks and they are just as *charming* in person.

The prince I've loved longest is Prince Phillip. He's a dragon slaying, serenade singing, all around great dancer. He's that boy next door you don't mind bringing to meet your mama. He fights for his princess, which is rare in Disney fables, and he is victorious and has one of the best kiss scenes in Disney history. I've wanted my own Prince Philip for ages.

Recently, though, I've fallen for Disney's newest Prince: Prince Naveen. He's very charismatic in the film, and the character in the parks just sealed the deal. I've become a Naveen stalker! The newer Princess films gives the princes more personality, so we really get to know Naveen through the course of the movie. He's a flirt, a playboy really, and yet he does have a soft side. He's very romantic when he's not trying to be, and through it all he's a good guy.

So I have two favorites. The more modern Naveen and the saintly Phillip. Mmm-mmm Good! ;)

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