Sunday, February 20, 2011

30 Days of Disney: Day Eight

Day 8: Favorite Villain

Say it with me: DRAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!! Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty is forever the baddest Disney Villain. She is freaky evil, scary beyond all reason, and deliciously wicked. She is a rockstar and as bad as they come. And she turns into a dragon. Can't get much better (badder?) than that.

What's even better than the dragon in the movie? The dragon in FANTASMIC! a nighttime spectacular that brings Maleficent's Dragon to life at both the Disneyland and Disney-Hollywood Studios parks. It sends shivers down my spine and I go fangirl whenever she comes out (sadly Murphy did not work when I was in California. I'm depressed about it.)

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