Thursday, January 20, 2011

Settled In...

Well, it's official, I love living on my own. Parents aren't too far away, so it's nice. I've got a routine, Yuka's adjusted easily enough, and it's feeling homey. I'm leaning more towards not getting a roomie and just having my rent knocked down to one person instead of two living here. It'll still be tight, but it is what it is.

The studio is all set up in one of the spare bedrooms and I have my first clients coming over on Sunday in the afternoon. Gaylord and my dad have both helped me to set it up (dad doing the heavy lifting and construction, Gaylord set up the lights!). Mom is sewing together some new backdrops and I'm getting excited to get into the action.

Work is going a bit better, but I'm still pretty sure this isn't something I want to do forever. I don't like the hours, nor do I like coming home smelling like all kinds of gross due to the money handling. I'm not a huge fan of customer service type jobs where you have to be actually in the line of fire when someone decides they want to be pissed off at the company so they take it out on the poor little defenseless peon. I can only hold my tongue so much before I want to truly rip them a new one.

Next week (actually a week from last night) we head out to California. One week in Grass Valley, another week in Disneyland. I'm excited, but I really don't want Haille to turn 5. I've found all of these photos of when she was small (well... small for her) and I miss those times. I miss that girl. That's the one thing that is really tough (that and getting used to sales tax again) about being down here. I really, honestly, miss knowing I can see Haille by just picking up the phone or the keys and setting a play date. Now it's gotta be planned out well enough in advance that our schedules match. It'll be even harder when she starts "real" school. My heart hurts thinking about it.

I got my new to me vehicle this past weekend. Gaylord drove it down while Judy drove down in the Saturn. It's more of a plum color to me, and so I'm in the process of deciding what to name him/her (not sure gender yet) and getting a set of custom plates. It runs really well, my only real complaint is the seatbelt is hard to secure... it pops on me all the time as I'm driving down the road. Not a good thing to have happen.

Well I need to get moving. Got lots to do this afternoon, and I need to get my house presentable for when I have company/clients on Sunday. Today is, obviously, my day off, and so my parents are coming over tonight for an early bday meal as my birthday is tomorrow and I have to work till 6:30ish... another low key bday, but I'm okay with that. I get steak and noodles, I'm all about that.

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