Tuesday, January 25, 2011

30 Days of Skating: Day Twenty-Three

Day 23: Skater Everyone Loves But you Don't.

I'm doubling up as I leave tomorrow for California and I don't know if I will be able to keep up and when I get back I will be getting into Iditarod mode.

Without having to think about it: Michelle Kwan. I don't deny that she is good at what she does, but I don't get the emotional connection everyone else seems to have. I don't see her as an amazing artist. I see her like a lot of competitive skaters. She found her niche routine and she did a few tweaks each year with new music and there it is a new program. Like most say that Evan Lysacek has done (I agree, he has). It's a smart competitive strategy, find what wins and keep doing it.

Problem is if you don't like Kwan in North American circles you are blacklisted as a non fan of the sport or considered skating stupid. Neither of which I feel I fall under. I find her dull, frightfully so, I don't find personality with her. She comes off ditzy and a bit full of "The Kwan." No doubt a lot of her third person interviews were supposed to be "cute" and no doubt she'd been fed from the time she was born that she was God's gift to the World and that she came close to God in terms of awesomeness. Then she starts winning everything, becomes an overrated athlete, and uuuuuuuggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...

Yuna Kim is quickly becoming another one of those, though at least in the US she seems more grounded... it's the fans that can become annoying after a time ha ha!


  1. Really? I find where I live it's about the same amount that like Kwan as any other skater... some do, some don't... but no big deal either way. I like her, I find her fun to watch (haven't seen the third person interviews though, just a lot of normal ones) but I prefer a lot of others, like Josee Chouinard. I'd say she'd be on my top 15-20 list but probably not on my top 10... (but I'd have to actually make a list to figure it out haha) I also like Yuna

    For me to answer the question I'd probably say Jamie & David...

    When Jamie skated with Jason Turner, they were my favourite pairs team... then when Jamie skated singles she was in my top 5 ladies singles skaters, and when she teamed up with David I was quite happy, and I'd have listed them as my favourites their first few years together... actually probably right through their competitive career they were up there quite high, but I didn't like them much after they turned pro... i dunno, I just found them not as exciting any more... I think the last program I've really actually liked of theirs was in 2003 (mind's gone blank for some odd odd reason... but they wore sparkly red and black.) I know out here (especially in Canada) you're supposed to love them because of the whole Olympic thing (and I DID love them back then... though I've always preferred Elena/Anton) but just, not any more. Not since 03.

  2. Lovin Touchin Squeezin was the red sequins program in '02/'03

  3. Yes! That was it, thanks Toni! Of course :) I hate it when I know something and just can't remember it! Anyway, I loved that program.