Wednesday, January 26, 2011

30 Days of [Figure] Skating: Twenty-Four

Day 24: Skater that you love that nobody else does...

Well, I don't think that skater exists. Certainly someone else likes them! Though, until recently, I think Michael Weiss would definitely apply so I'll go with that. Michael got a bad rap on the boards during his competitive career for his machismo style of skating, his wife's choreography, his kids, just about anything he did was wrong. He was labelled homophobic by so many. It was frustrating. Proclaiming your fandom led to people telling you that you didn't know what skating was. It wasn't like he was the only skater I liked, but it was still considered a blemish on my card.

But it didn't matter, I loved watching Mike skate, and was able to see the flaws and get over them. After Mike left the competitve arena the labels jumped to Evan Lysacek. Oh, figure skating fans, we must have someone to hate on.

Now Mike has a bigger following as a professional figure skater. Some are so surprised of his talent and personality. Well, guys, it's always been there.

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  1. I've always liked Weiss too, which doesn't help you for this one haha

    Hmm... I'm gonna go with Portia Duval-Rigby and Francis Rigby. I LOVE them... but no one else has ever heard of them ha!