Sunday, January 30, 2011

30 Days of [Figure] Skating: Day Twenty-Seven

Day 27: Favorite figure skating moment of all time

Well considering today was an amazing day for US men's figure skating I'm riding on such a high that I have to say today was the best moment. For two reasons.

First off, Ryan Bradley winning the National title. It wasn't his best performance, but he never gave up. The fact that he skated lights out for the short program and then came back after wonky quads in the long really showed that he wanted this like no other championship. Let me preface by saying I was not a Ryan Bradley fan when it was cool to be one. I remember hearing all the girls our age gush about how cute he was and how awesome his skating was back in 2000/01. I didn't get it. He was a nice looking face but that was it to me.

Then he found his niche as a performer and suddenly I was taking an interest. Seeing him at nationals in 2006 sealed the deal. I became one of his fangirls from that moment on (it didn't hurt when I met him with a friend that it was more like just a few young people hanging out and not fangirls meeting their dreamboat ha ha!). Fast forward to tonight when Bradley won after wanting to quit after last season and I was a ball of emotion. Nervous, heart broken when he fell, and elated when he still managed to win. No one deserves it more. It was a bittersweet Galindo moment, but one that still deserves its place in hearts and memories. The bashing has already started elsewhere, but for me - yes a fan girl- I can honestly say I couldn't be more proud. I want to thank Ryan from the bottom of my heart for not giving into the naysayers, and for giving us this moment. Is it too early to beg for a repeat next season?

My second favorite moment also comes from this night of skating. Keegan Messing not only made the final flight of skaters, but he had a fantastic nationals from start to finish. I got really choked up for some reason as I listened to Scott Hamilton commentate his long program. Keegan reminds me a lot of Scotty in skating style (maybe it's the shortness thing) and Scott's energy in the mic translated to what we were seeing on the ice. I've watched Keegan and known he was special since 2004. He was just a little guy, then, but he loved to entertain and he was quick... and light on his feet and in the air. He started making waves at nationals that year, and has been climbing steadily up the ranks ever since. I have high hopes from our Alaskan skater, and want so badly for him to have his own Ryan Bradley moment (or better yet, lets have him be the next Scott. 4 time world champ, olympic champ, and biggest male skating personality in the US).

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