Monday, January 24, 2011

30 Days of [Figure] Skating: Day Twenty-One

Day 21: Team Johnny or Team Evan?

Team Evan, all the way. It's been that ways since 2005 when I finally "got" what others saw in Evan. Sadly most of those people lost interest in Mr. tall dark and wonderful when he decided to take the clinical approach to skating. I think we can thank Mr. Carroll for that, all of his skaters become one hit wonders. All they do is change their costume and music and call it good. Apparently MK can mask that better than Evan can because fewer people gripe about her than they do him.

As for the battle between Johnny and Evan, I'm so over it. Fan wars didn't hit the level of Kwaniacs vs the rest of the ladies fans, but between the fans buying into it and the boys doing the same it's become tired. Just when you think they've grown up, the media asks a question and they fire off again and it's just embarassing for the both of them. I get that Johnny's the better skater, and possibly more popular internationally - kudos to him. I'm tired of the wanna be diva persona, and the "I'm going to say I don't care what you think, but then b*tch about how everyone in authority hates me, so I'll thumb my nose at them to see their reaction, but it's all because they hate me." GET OVER YOURSELF! And Evan just needs to learn to ignore the brat.


  1. mmm, Jeremy is okay, I liked him more in 2005 when he was in... Juniors(?)

  2. Yep, he won Juniors that year. That was the first time I saw him. In Portland. I think Kat married him.

  3. I'm pretty sure Kat is married to more than half of the US Junior and Senior competitors of 2005 AND 2006