Thursday, January 20, 2011

30 Days of [Figure] Skating: Day Seventeen

Day 17: Least Favorite Skater

Tonya Harding was my favorite figure skater going into the 1993/94 season. I liked that she was a tomboy, I could identify with that. She was all strength, and not just pretty frills. I also liked Nancy Kerrigan. They were an unstoppable duo in my mind - and the mind of American Media.

And then a whack heard round the world happened. As a huge fan of Tonya I was devastated to find out that she had played a part in it. Granted, I was young and impressionable and I bought into the media circus just like most did, but even now I have a hard time looking at the story and not believing she got off scott free for something she had more to do with than what she and her lawyers said. Her alligator tears, script, added to her actions that followed just prove to me that the USFSA had every right to take her out of American skating.

I think it a travesty that she was allowed to skate in the Olympics. She didn't deserve that spot.

So I guess that counts as least favorite skater. There are others I can't stand for personality reasons - if I don't like your skating, well, then I don't like your skating... but if you open your mouth and annoy me... then we have issues. lol But the unsportsmanlike conduct throughout the 93/94 season on Harding's part makes her my all time least favorite. She deserved the ban. She deserved the shunning. And still does.


  1. I was a big Tonya fan too and I really thought that she and Nancy both had shots to be on the podium in Lillehammer. I couldn't believe all the stuff that came out after the fact. It was just so unneccessary on her part when the fact was that Tonya had the talen to beat Nancy on her own (and had on more than one occasion).

  2. I also liked Tonya, far more than Nancy, but I don't think she's my least favourite... there are four skaters I can think of that I really really don't like to watch...

    Oksana/Pasha Grischuk
    Phillipe Canderloro
    Denise Beillmann
    Johnny Weir

    Those 4 are easily tied for my worst haha....