Monday, January 17, 2011

30 Days of [Figure] Skating: Day Fifteen

Day 15: Predict the Olympic Champions of 2014

I can't do that, I don't think at this point anyone can. I don't believe that the main players have emerged yet, they may not even be on the senior circuit yet. There are some skaters saying they want to stick it out another four years, there are others who are on the fence, some are only promising to take it a year at a time and some of the top names are only going to the halfway mark. It's fun to guess, it's fun to dream, but honestly? Who knows!

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  1. hmm... well I predicted Tessa & Scott correctly 4/5 years before they won... they weren't seniors then also haha!

    But you're right, it is really early

    I'll guess Volosozhar/Trankov and Moore-Towers/Moscovitch in 1 & 2 in some order in the pairs...