Tuesday, January 11, 2011

30 Days of [Figure] Skating: Day Eleven

Day 11: Top 5 Favorite Male Skaters

Now here's something that should be relatively easy.... I hope.

1 - it's a tie for first between Scott Hamilton and Kurt Browning. From a strictly skating standpoint, Kurt wins hands down. Kurt is the most brilliant, talented and amazing skater on the planet past and present. His triple axel is GORGEOUS and his artistry sublime. No skater comes close to touching him in all around awesomeness. Scottie gets a nod, though, because he's been my hero since age four. I cannot let him slip to number two, I'd feel like I'm betraying him!
3 - Paul Wylie. He's smooth, he's inspiring, and he's a Man of God. What more could you want? Yeah, he seems to be a one hit wonder, but he's the encourager, and I love hearing him speak. And no one does the spread eagle like he does.
4 - Brian Boitano. Well, Duh. Who doesn't love watching him skate?
5 - Brian Orser. I've seen him skate LIVE... he's amazing.


  1. For me:

    1. Paul Wylie
    2. Alexei Yagudin
    3. Elladj Balde
    4. Steven Cousins
    5. Patrick Chan

    (I also do love Brian Orser though, and lately I've really been enjoying Artur Dmitriev Jr.)

  2. 1. Alexei Yagudin
    2. Kurt Browning
    3. Evegeni Plushenko
    4. Jeff Buttle
    5. Elvis Stoijko

    And i've met all of them except Evegeni.

    (plus i've met both the Brians and Scott)