Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It's Gonna Be a Long Night...

Packing has come to a standstill, why? Because I'm watching the numbers come in for the state. So far those that I've voted for are leading. The senate race is, of course, what everyone is talking about not just here but also nationally (thanks *SO* much for that Sarah Palin. Ugh.). I've not been happy with teh potshots the outside media has taken tonight, but there's nothing I can do about that.

My state has been overtaken by transplants and outsiders, but Alaskans are fighting back. We're telling Palin to blow it - even if the write in campaign fails to win Murkowski her seat back, as long as we stay neck and neck, if you add in the votes going to McAdams, there's a strong message there. The Sarah Palin that stands away from Alaska today, is not our Palin. We backed her up two years ago, and she's turned her back on us now. Why? Because we're too small for her. In all of our vastness, we just don't matter nationally.

Instead of fighting for Alaska, she's agreed with the rest of the outsiders and has decided Alaska is only good to peak people's interests. It's only important when it suits her political needs. Fine. That's her own choice. But then STAY OUT of our affairs, Sarah. This "Palin's Alaska" crap is not welcome here, and we're saying it loud and clear.

I am a conservative Alaskan Republican. If speaking out against this disgusting turn of events revokes my card, let me be the one to burn it. No, I don't think Murkowski is going to be able to bring money to the state that doesn't exist. No, I don't think she's the best chioce we could possibly have (I've suggested Knowles would be better than Murkowski, so obviously that's not it). No, she's not Pro-Life. It's why I bought into the Joe Miller campaign early on and voted for him in the primary.

Then he shot his mouth off and has decided in order for him to effectively LEAD, Alaska must change. That the Bush/Rural communities need to change if they want the money we're funnelling into them, is absurd. That he keeps talking to a national LIBERAL media instead of the STATE'S liberal media, showing us that ultimately the nation's opinion matter more. That he did not want to wait to see the people's choice - true chioce, not just primary - and declared himself the winner months ago. That he speaks of national plans, and barely mentions Alaska plans to the general public....

I vote ALASKA first. This does not make me less of a Republican (until now Republicans have looked out most for our state), this does not make me less of a Christian (as we all know God allows us to choose our Earthly Leaders, but he was not pleased in Saul and David's time about it, and I doubt highly He's any more okay with it these days) - OMG, I didn't vote for the pro-life candidate, I'm going to Hell! I'm pro-life, but that's NOT ENOUGH for me in this election. Life is important, but not at the expense of life that is going on now. Potential life will be well protected by others. Murkowski dances polls, she's had the wake up call, she'll vote smarter - but what this does make me is an Alaskan.

I don't believe transplants who come in, live in Anchorage, and talk of leaving the state or talk about rural areas as if they're third world countries are ALASKAN. You're city folk who buy into the whole Alaska thing. There's a reason why we say Anchorage is just an hour outside of Alaska in any direction. It's NOT Alaska. It's a quaint little city on the edge of our borders.

This does not mean all Anchorage-ites are non-Alaskan. There are many who were here before "The City of Anchorage" was. They're the ones backing the Alaskan traditions, and they're Democrats, Republicans, Independants, and unsures. But they think and live and feel and BREATHE Alaska first. The Feds be damned, they've not done a thing for this state that Ted Stevens and the other founders didn't fight tooth and nail - and yes across partylines - for. The Feds control 45% of this state. They tell us how to live, they tell us how to think, but refuse to understand our culture, our way of life. It's not the stereotypical life in "Palin's Alaska" where we mush dogs in our designer duds (most Mushers wear carharts because they're practical, not because it's a designer name). Where we wear make up and do our hair just so to go fishing while yelling that we love tranquility scaring away the brown bears. And we certainly don't throw one another under a bus when climbing the ladder.

That's the outsider influence. And if it all went away tomorrow (even if that meant the money went away, too) that'd be just fine. We did fine without you, we'll continue to do fine.

So here's to Don Young - who stands for Uncle Ted's Alaska (which is far more important than Palin's)! And Sean Parnell who stuck it to Palin after she dumped a mess in his lap and fled our state. And here's hoping those of us independent enough to vote for the state get to be heard through the write-ins!

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