Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Video Series Review: Phil Vischer's What's In The Bible

VeggieTales creator Phil Vischer is back with an all new children series focussed on the Bible. Entitled "What's In The Bible with Buck Denver", Visher has once again made important Biblical principles accessable to children and adults in a fun family friendly format. Instead of Vegtables bringing familiar Bible stories to life, a cast of puppets are answering the tough questions that surround The Word of God.

The host of the "show" is Buck Denver "Man of News". He's a semi bored little news reporting puppet, and relies heavily on Vischer for guidance in each show. His costars include Sunday School Lady, Pastor Louis, Pete the Pirate, and Michael a little boy puppet on his way to grandma's house driving cross country with his mom (we never see or hear her) and his little brother Pierre (we never see him, but he does throw things from time to time at Michael). There are other characters who bring in information as well as random bits of humor as Buck, Phil, and Sunday School Lady basically work most of the meat of the shows.

Like VeggieTales, Phil is starting out small and voice many of the characters within the show. He is also featured in each "episode" to help keep the puppets in line or to help Buck answer the tough Biblical questions like "How old is the world", and "Why did God want people to die"? Phil does a very good job at explaining what we understand and believe about God and the Bible in a way that everyone can follow.

The format of the show is very similar to that of Sesame Street and other children's puppet shows, short quick segments, but it never talks down to the kids. There are lessons upon lessons and it's not just the same stuff you get year after year in sunday school. It bolsters those teachings with a deeper understanding.

They don't get into denominational battles, where the denominations differ is not so important as the basic Truths we all believe. This is pushed heavily throughout the series.

Over all this is a must have for any family, sunday school, or children's program. It's a fantastic resource, and I've learned several things myself! Be sure to order the DVDs and check out their side website for Jellyfish Labs.
The series is still in the works, with a planned 13 one hour DVDs in all, so far they've released the first four which takes us from Genesis through Ruth.

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