Friday, August 13, 2010

Welcome Home, BJ!

Well, we brought him home last night. I spent the night hanging out and bonding with him while Judy and Gaylord ran errands that had been preplanned. He is settling in extremely well and aside from a small bit of jealousy from the girls he's fitting in with no problems at all. He's gotten the lay of the land fairly well in the 24+ hours he's been here, just a few bumps into things. He's extremely independant, so much so that it's a little dangerous. Stairs are not scary to him and since he can't see we have to keep the door going out to the garage closed, which means Yuka and Cookie can't go in and out as they please until he quiets down. (he likes to wander for a while after we get home).

He's very vocal, and will talk back. He also barks when he's excited. Yuka helped him discover that barking is okay in this house, but he takes advantage of that allowance ha ha! He is a very happy little guy considering everything that's going on with his body right now.

Blood work came back perfectly fine, so that means Thursday of next week he will go in for surgery. It's been decided that the eye needs to come out. It's better to take it out while he's already under for his teeth. Pugs are difficult surgery wise due to their blunt noses. I'm so disappointed that the eye can't be saved, yes I know he can only see shadows, but his eye is so cute. A pug with no eyes just seems creepy to me, but I'm sure his personality will still shine through, though I worry about how he will learn to get around as he seems to still use what little sight he has to his advantage. Still, I trust Dr. Rapp to make the right decision.

I will be so glad to have him come home with a better smelling mouth. If there was ONE complaint I had about this dog it is his breath. The infection is so bad in his little mouth that his breath is just toxic. UGH! So awful. Add to it that I was squished between him and Yuka (who has nasty gas!) all last night and it's amazing I lived. The smell was so bad I swear it was the reason I had a headache!

BJ does well enough with the crate training, he just doesn't like not having that human contact, but it's safer for him I think. He spends the day while we're at work in the kennel and then is free to roam (within reason) when someone is home. Gaylord typically comes home for lunch and so he was able to take BJ out to go potty and then BJ got to hang with the gang while Gaylord ate. But he does protest for a bit when he first goes in. Tonight after we found out he likes toys we decided to put a toy in with him to see if maybe the chewing on something will be comforting to him.

Yes, that's right, BJ likes to play with dog toys! Who knew?! It's obvious he's played with toys in teh past, and loves to play tug with them. Have to be gentle with his sore mouth. It's really boggling that no one is looking for this little guy because he has so much life in him. Aside from his dry eye and his stinky mouth there is nothing wrong with him. The vet and shelter have not heard anything and I still haven't seen a thing online or around the area that suggests a little dog was lost. It warmed my heart to hear him growl and tear into the toy, but it also broke my heart. Is someone missing this little guy terribly? Why was he outside alone for what the Dr. guesses was more than just a night? Why wasn't he better taken care of? It's obvious he was loved at some point in his life, what happened to change it all?

Whether or not we are his forever home or not we're committed to this little guy. Legally he's pretty much ours, but that doesn't mean someone isn't looking for him. It's just so hard to understand. Whenever Yuka is out of my sight for a little while I panic. My biggest fear is her getting lost and not knowing where to go, and me not knowing where she is. I would die inside if something were to happen to her like that. I just don't understand why it's so hard for others to feel that way.
Anyway I'm rambling, but I figured you'd want a little update. Yuka tried playing with him last night, but ignored him tonight until he would bark. Go figure. Cookie is having issues sharing Judy. But over all BJ has pretty much become part of the family. Even Gaylord is hooked (didn't take much time at all lol).

Tomorrow Haille comes to spend the night, let's add yet another element to our madness! LOL

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