Monday, August 9, 2010

Bubba Jack the One-Eyed Arctic Pug Pirate

This morning we met one sad little pup out in the street. He was a one eyed black pug who seemed very very lost. Judy discovered him as she was heading out to work and immediately dropped everything and snatched him up. The poor thing was soaked to the bone. We tried calling MaryJo, who is part of the pug rescue group up here, but I apparently only had her home phone saved in my cell phone. No answer and no way to leave a message. So, we called Cornerstone Animal Hospital - which is where we take Cookie and Yuka for everything. They suggested we bring him in and see if he'd been chipped. So after a couple of calls to our offices we were on the road. I had the little guy in my truck (where the photo was taken) and Judy followed in the Saturn as we were both going to have to get to work no matter what was decided.

Once at the clinic we learned that he was not chipped and that they enouraged us to leave him there and they would contact the Animal Shelter. I didn't like that idea, but went along with it as there seemed to be little else we could do. I couldn't get in touch with the pug rescue, and we didn't know enough about the dog to stay home with him with the two dogs at home. So with reassurance from Angela (one of the techs/receptionists) we left him in their capable hands.

Judy was attached from the first second of laying eyes on him - even if he is a pug she just adores that little guy - and we both felt bad for leaving him. Over the course of the day we messaged back and forth and ended up naming him Bubba Jack the One-Eyed Arctic Pirate Pug... or Pug Pirate, depending on who you ask. When we took him to the vet we were calling him Bubba. Then Judy thought later that morning we should name him Jack (as in Jack Sparrow... for the pirate in him) and that's when we took off with the long name. We'll call him BJ for short!

I was also in contact with Mary Jo to see if the shelter or pug rescue had gotten him yet, she hadn't heard anything. She suggested that we give a call to check on him and possibly snatch him up after work. Well, Judy was one step ahead of her and called at 4pm over to the shelter. They didn't have any pugs at all, so she called Cornerstone. They had done a check up on BJ and decided they weren't going to release him to anyone just yet. So, off we both went to the clinic to talk with Dr. Rapp and get an idea of what we were looking at.

According to Dr. Rapp it looks like BJ's one eye is also bad. It's what they call dry eye and at this point he's not sure that the eye is worth keeping. They have some meds for him and drops to try and get any tears at all to come out, and may go from there. His teeth are also in horrible shape and once the antibiotics kick in they're going to look at extracting quite a few. He ate quite a bit today, but spent most of his time sleeping. Dr. Rapp assumes he's feeling pretty lousy due to his teeth and his eye, but expects a different dog to come out once the meds kick in and we get some of the bad stuff out.

Judy then asked him what he was going to do Re: Rescue/Shelter. He said at this point he wanted the dog to stay there at the Clinic. BJ needs some care now, not later, and it's not fair to tax the rescue - we agreed. He said he's willing to keep BJ until the time lapses for the Shelter to find the dog's family - he believes it's three days till release, and he has filed a report with the shelter - and then he says we have the right of first refusal. This was all Judy needed to hear. Obviously we want to make a good fit, so it's not a done deal until he's actually in teh house and we see how he takes to Cookie and Yuka (and vice versa). It's also possible that he will need to have eye surgery to remove his remaining eye. As it stands he can't see through it, and it's giving him more pain than anything else. If it's not able to be saved (which is what they're trying to do now) then they will remove it once they're sure he can make it through surgery. He also will lose the teeth then, it sounds like.

We are totally committed to seeing the best outcome for Bubba Jack. It took a bit of convincing on Judy's part, but Gaylord hasn't said "No." But, really, it's not his decision anyway, we have already made up our minds! Please keep this pug and the situation in your prayers. We want a happy ending for this little guy, no matter what that is.

Sorry the photo isn't better, took it on my camera phone while waiting to go into the clinic. Low light, crappy camera = crappy photo. He's a whole lot cuter in person.

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