Monday, June 7, 2010

Sale & Pelletier Call It Quits

After months of speculation and rumor, the truth is finally out: the love story is over, Jamie Sale & David Pelletier's marriage is at an end. The duo have been seperated for eighteen months, according to their statement to the press earlier this week, and the announcement seems to be no more than a formality. This was the first marriage for Sale, and Pelletier's second (his first ended in divorce and it was soon public knowledge that he had entered a relationship with Sale).

The partnership was magic on the ice, but at times rocky off. Depending on if you are team Sale or team Pelletier it seems the story changes as to who is the one most to blame. Still, the pair is splitting amicably enough that they will continue skating together as well as sharing custody of their son Jesse (born in 2007).

As a fan of this pair I am deeply saddened by the turn of events. Having had to endure the long wait for the rumors to be proved true or denied, on one hand I'm relieved, but I was hoping for a better outcome. Now rumors abound as to who strayed from the marriage and with what other skaters. I say leave them be! Who cares! Me, personally, I'm hoping that through skating together they rekindle something, for the sake of their family. I'm one of those diehard dreamers who believes the fairytale.

It's another reminder that the era is over, I suppose.

Photo (C) Associated Press, 2002.

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