Sunday, February 21, 2010

Rochette's Tragedy

This morning the Skating World was shocked to learn that Joannie Rochette's mother died suddenly sometime in the wee hours of the morning. When first reported it was unsure how, when, and where, but it was no less devastatings for fans of skating and the skater alike.

Therese was just 55 years old, and it's now being reported that she died of a heart attack. It was said that she was always there to critique Joannie's skating and her most staunch supporter. Joannie let it be known early on that she does plan to compete later this week in honor and tribute to her mother.

Today's news brings back memories of others in the skating community who have lost loved ones - Scott Hamilton, Katia Gordeeva, Jennifer Kirk, Angela Nikodinov to name a few - and how they've been able to continue on with their careers and use skating as a way to get through the grief. It's what they had to do.

Here's hoping Joannie is strengthend by the memory of her mother, and by the support that is pouring out of each and every skating fan world wide. She's no longer a competitor, she's a skater, and she's someone who needs our support, love, and encouragement.

My prayers are joining many in support of Joannie and her family. May God give her peace, understanding, and encouragement as she faces the days ahead.

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