Saturday, February 13, 2010

Opening Ceremonies - No Surprises

Watching the Opening Ceremonies last night - still not a fan of the tape delay, even if I understand why it's done - I imagined that if Alaska were to get the nod anytime soon it'd look pretty simular. Not a slight, or showing a chip on my shoulder, or anything, it's just something I've noticed about Western Canada and Alaska - we're so similar.

Which, yes, did annoy me a tad when Bob Costas and Matt Lauer -while watching/commentating the ceremonies- noted the different First Nations peoples and suggested that they were all native to only Canada. It is, no doubt, a misconception so many have - after all Eskimos are the only natives Alaska could possibly have - but apparently making such a comment is the most offensive thing one can say to a Canadian this morning. So, I digress.

If that is the only way I can find fault with the way things went last night, then I guess that's saying something - though there were other portions that I thought could have been better. Really anything is better than Torino's (though the groups of people forming different images was really cool) opening ceremonies with the disco music.

It's been said that this time the ceremonies lacked heart or energy or... joy. And it's being blamed on the actual choreography/storyline. I think it would have been much better had the death of an athlete not happened just hours before in the horrific way that it happened. This is not to blame the dead, just my reasoning for the seemingly subdued reaction it got (honestly I thought it an amazing display of technology and showmanship).

It also didn't help that the lip synching was off, Bryan Adams failed horribly with that - you'd think they'd study those vids of Britany Spears and Ashley Simpson before trying something like that on such a huge stage. And it was definitly off during the Operatic version of the Olympic Hymn (my ears are still ringing).

Over all though it was an amazing night. The whales were freaking awesome, with the "water" spouting up. WOW. And the trees were cool. Fiddling cloggers were kinda creepy. My highlights were the whales, the poetry recital (loved the cheeky "zed"), and the moment of silence. And who doesn't love watching the Parade of Nations - especially when their team comes in?

The moment that Georgia walked into the arena was truly touching. They got a huge standing ovation, but you could see they were grieving. It's being reported todday that their other luger has withdrawn from the competition, that sliding the track that took his teammates life would be too difficult. My thoughts and prayers are with all of those who knew and loved him and the luger community who lost one of their own and must continue on.

And the torch lighting - even with the glitches - was fab. But was anyone truly surprised as to who they picked (Gretzsky)? Who else BUT "The Great One" would they choose? I mean really? My only question - did Brian Orser ever run with the torch? and if no, why didn't he?

So, now, the games are underway! The next two weeks are going to be awesome.

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  1. My favorite part was the punk rock cloggers. Great section!

    Also liked the flying boy.