Monday, February 15, 2010

No Clowning Around in Pairs Short Program

Last night kicked off Olympic Figure Skating in high style. What a night of pairs skating! It seems like forever since we've been treated with a non-splatfest!

It's no surprise that Shen and Zhao are leaders after the short, nor is it surprising that Savchenko and Szolkowy are closely behind them. Two incredibly different programs and both superbly skated.

The biggest controversy surrounding last night, however, was the seemingly overscoring of Canada's Dube & Davison. With Jessica's fall on their side by side jumps and an obvious stumble by Bryce in the footwork. While the judging system is supposed to be more fair, and harder to play with to get a desired outcome, it seems the judges were extremely forgiving at an event where most teams made no big mistakes.

The main argument in favor of Jessica and Bryce's score is the fact that their base score before skating -based on the elements and their proposed levels- were so high. That may be all well and good, in bizzaro world, but come on! It was serious padding for the top Canadian team at a Winter Games in their own backyard.

Skaters that get to compete at home always get a little bit of a boost in the Olympics, but Dube & Davison were not the only Canadian team competiting! Langlois & Hay were clean and should be placed higher.

Still, this is just the short program, it'll all be decided tonight during the Long Program. Will it be the German couple -poised to take it after a steady rise to teh top- or will Shen & Zhao get their storybook ending?

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